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25th Infantry Battalion



As living historians interested in portraying the Australian Soldier we seek to honor the sacrifices made by a small, yet renowned force in the Pacific Theater of World War II. Unlike the average Reenactment unit, we take Authenticity and rugged living to the extreme in the pursuit of better appreciating and honoring the sacrifice made by Australian Diggers.

Depending on our event scenario we represent either the 36th (New Britain) or 25th Infantry Battalion (Bougainville).

The 36th Infantry BN was known as "Ike's Marines", based on their extensive training in Amphibious operations. The 36th Infantry Battalion served in many engagements to include the Kokoda Track, defense of Port Moresby, and New Britain. They were disbanded in August, 1945.

The 25th Infantry Battalion was disbanded after WWI but raised in the 1920s to meet the growing needs of the Australian Forces. They served in New Guinea from 1942 - 1943 before being deployed to Bougainville in Autumn 1944. They took part in several notable engagements there, including the Battle of Pearl Ridge and Slaters Knoll. After the war, they were removed from Active Service and formed part of the Citizens Military Force until being incorporated into the Royal Queensland Regiment in 1960.

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