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We are a German WWII Living History organization located in the Pacific Northwest with members spread across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Northern California. 

The 164th Light Afrika Division is a sub-unit of 5 Kp. Großdeutschland, which serves as an alternate impression for unit members across AG44 for North Africa events. We portray the German Soldiers who fought in the "Afrika Korps", commanded by Field Marshall Erwin Rommel in the North African Campaign of WWII.

We are a non-political unit whose sole purpose is to preserve World War Two history through uniform, equipment and vehicle restorations, static displays, and historical reenactments. Understanding where they came from, how they were raised, what they were taught, how they were trained, and how they fought, gives us insight into what the Enemy’s side was like while giving us the ability to take lessons from the past to apply to the present.

We usually meet once a month to accomplish this purpose. Our membership consists of military historians, collectors, students, businessmen, veterans, vehicle enthusiasts, and many others who share an interest in World War Two. Preserving and accurately recreating history is a common goal.

We are always looking for new recruits! Uniforms and gear are available on a loaner basis. Please take the time to visit our entire website. If you have any questions please feel free to fill out the contact form anytime!

As a non-political living history organization, we do not support or condone any neo-nazi, extremist, or anti-American organizations or activities. 

164th Leichte Afrika

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