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“Viva La Résistance!”

We, the Partisans, are a non-profit WWII living history group located in the Pacific Northwest.

As the Partisan unit, we portray the civilians who took up arms in the Western and Eastern fronts to fight oppressing forces in their country. Our main impression is the French Resistance, but we also do Italian, Soviet, and German impressions as well. We might be a small group but we have a big fighting spirit.

The goal of our group is to represent the civilians who made the sacrifices to stand up and protect their country against all odds. Without the Partisans like the French Resistance, the Allies wouldn’t have been as successful to claim the Western Front back from the Germans.

Joining our unit is a great way to start WWII living history.

As a non-political living history organization, we do not support or condone any neo-nazi, extremist, or anti-American organizations or activities. 

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