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Army Group 1944 inc.  is a World War II reenacting organization located in the inland Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana). We reenact all sides of the conflict we now know as the Second World War. Reenacting forces may include American, British, Soviet, German, Italian and more.

Army Group 1944 follows a strict code of conduct and abides by all laws. We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone with National Socialist associations or with any extreme political views.


Preserve | Educate | Remember

As a group we are dedicated to the education and preservation of history. Our members are amateur historians who collect militaria, books, firearms, memorabilia and vehicles. We relive that era through themed tactical battles, public exhibits and displays.

Our members come from all walks of life and have diverse backgrounds, including active duty and retired military personnel, law enforcement, college students, business owners, computer professionals and more. Collectively we have a passion for the history of the Second World War and preserving our nations part in that war and honoring our Veterans. The ages of our members ranges from 16 to 70.


Army Group 1944 inc. is in no way related to any political organization past or present. This is not a neo-nazi, extremist, survivalist or racist group. These activities are absolutely not allowed or tolerated and individuals supporting these groups should go elsewhere. All images and insignia are displayed here for historical purposes only.

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