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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about our hobby and Organization.
 What is reenacting?
Reenacting or Living History is a way to remember and study history in a more personal setting. Rather than read or watch a documentary about World War Two, reenactors strive to recreate history by wearing and carrying the same uniforms and equipment, and using weapons and vehicles from the period. By recreating an authentic impression, we as an organization can learn more about history and the experience of the average Soldier.
What happens at a reenactment?
A: The majority of Army Group 1944 activities consist of battle reenactments. At a reenactment, a historical scenario is predetermined and the appropriate opposing units (American, German, British, Canadian, Russian, etc) try to accurately portray the chosen historical event. As an example, a chosen scenario may consist of a particular battle in Normandy, Southern Russia, North Afrika, or other various scenarios. Individual units then equip and outfit themselves with the appropriate uniforms weapons and vehicles in order to accurately portray their particular unit in the predetermined place and time. The tactical operations consist of firing authentic blank-firing weapons while working together as teams to achieve certain gains in the field using World War Two tactics. Participants try to speak the languages, eat the same food, operate in the field, and sleep in the surrounding that would have been present during World War II in order to achieve a high level of authenticity.
What do you shoot at a reenactment?
At a reenactment, blanks are fired in weapons from the WW II period. No projectiles are actually shot at anyone. An honor system is used to determine who is hit during a scenario. There are also rules of engagement that determine safe distances, "kill" ranges etc.. Most engagements occur with both sides “taking their hits” in order to alleviate any arguing and maintaining a historic experience. Blanks range in price from 20-75 cents each.
How often does Army Group 1944 have reenactments?
About 6-7 times per year. While the scenarios vary, typically they consist of: 2 ETO theater battles circa 1944/45, 2 Russian Front Battles, 1 PTO Event, and 1 North Afrika Battle. 
What are Army Group 1944 units?
Army Group 1944 is comprised of individual units led and run by their own leadership structures. Each unit in the club takes pride in the manner in which it represents itself. Members take the time to understand the history of their  unit in order to have the correct details in weapons, uniforms, equipment, and vehicles. Period tactics are studied and utilized and languages, commands, and drills are learned and practiced in order to more accurately portray their particular unit.
How are units organized?
The units are organized just like the original military unit they portray to the best of their ability. Each unit has a Unit Commander and Officers/NCOs that take responsibility for the unit. Rank is based on the size of the unit in the unit and remains accurate with the unit structure. Rank and awards are earned based on attendance, knowledge, and leadership ability.
Do new members have to have their own gear before coming out?
Absolutely not. We encourage those interested to try out the unit before buying equipment. Personal items like socks and undershirts are recommended, but the uniform, equipment and weapon can be borrowed. Though loaner gear stocks can vary in size and composition between units.

Still have Questions?

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