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German Units


An elite combat unit in the German Army (Heer) during World War II that fought primarily on the Eastern Front against the Soviet Union. One of the most highly trained, battle hardened, and well equipped units of the German Army.


An Elite branch of the German Military, the Waffen SS fought in both the Eastern and Western Fronts.


As Gebirgsjäger, we portray mountain troops of the German Army in the Second World War.


As Infantry Regiment - 39, we portray Soldiers of the German Army (Heer) during the Second World War.


The 164th division fought at El Alamein and performed well. During the battle, one of its regiments was instrumental in preventing the capture of the headquarters of Panzer Armee Afrika by advancing Allied infantry.


From the Atlantic wall to Southern France, the German Naval Coastal Artillery batteries defended the coastline from Allied vessels and aircraft. Our group portrays a German Coastal Battery along the Danish Coastline in 1943.

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