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Infantry Regiment 39


"The purpose of this unit is to provide a look at the „common“ infantryman of the
Heer, devoid of any special status or title; in two main periods of the war, namely the soviet
offensives of mid 1942 and the defense of Germany in late 1944 into 1945. The main goals of
the unit are to accurately and safely portray these impressions, and build a group that can hold to
high authenticity standards in both culture and materials.


During the war, the 39. Infanterie Regiment saw action as part of the 26. Infanterie Division
in Belgium and France, and then later as part of Army Group Middle in Operation Barbarossa
including the lead up to and main action of the Battle of Kursk from February of 1943 to August
of that same year. It was destroyed along with its division in early September of 1944 near
Smolensk. A week later it’s survivors were reconstituted and reinforced as the 39. Füsilier
Regiment, 26. Volksgrenadier Division. The division was sent then to the west where it fought in
the Ardennes, namely encircling Bastogne. After the collapse of the Ardennes offensive it
retreated and fought along the westwall before it’s staff surrendered in April of 1945 and it’s few
stragglers were dispersed to other units."

As a non-political living history organization, we do not support or condone any neo-nazi, extremist, or anti-American organizations or activities. 

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