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2nd Armored Division



The 2nd Armored Division Living History Unit is a non-profit education and historical society.

As B Co, 41st Armored Infantry Regiment, we accurately study and portray the standard armored infantry soldier from WWII.​ ​ We accomplish this with practical experiences in WWII infantry life, and studying the lives of the service men and women of the 1940s. We provide educational and interpretive services to local museums and historical sites. ​ ​Our goal is to offer the general public and ourselves a genuine experience that will connect us to the lives of the WWII soldier.

Their Story: The 41st Infantry Regiment was incorporated into the 2nd Armored Division in 1940, and served with distinction in the European Theater of Operations from the invasion of North Africa to the war's end in Germany.

Our Story: Our group portrays B Co, 41st Armored Infantry Regiment, a core unit of the 2nd Armored Division during WWII. As a part of Army Group 1944, we typically operate as an infantry platoon in coordination with other allied units as the event dictates. We also frequently participate in Living History events, where we provide educational and interpretive services with local museums or historical sites.

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