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82nd Airborne Division



Able Company, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division (Reenacted) is a group of about 40 men spread out all over the Pacific Northwest, with some members in California and even Oklahoma. Some are veterans, some are not. We all have a passion for history, especially the 82nd in WWII.

Many of our members have attended Airborne Demonstration Team jump schools in Frederick Oklahoma and make period correct static line jumps from restored C-47 aircraft, although this is not a membership requirement. We typically field two rifle squads, a mortar squad, and HQ. We are all in good shape physically and when we take the field, we typically sleep in slit trenches and fox holes.

Sometimes, if weather is particularly cold or wet, we may set up squad tents. The terrain where we do our tacticals is rugged, and like the men we portray, we are tough and self sufficient.  We strive to be historically accurate, with an emphasis on safety and camaraderie.  If this sounds like the field experience you want to have, contact us by clicking the button above!

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